A lot of soccer fans know the history of the soccer clubs they support. They know the names of all the players, the soccer positions of these players and the number of goals scored by their favourite players. Real soccer fans also know all about rival clubs, derbies and grudge matches. These are interesting facts and they add a lot of colour to soccer matches. For certain reasons, most fans do not know much about soccer fields. This is because the average soccer fan feels that the size of the soccer field and other technical details are better left to soccer experts.

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Soccer fields and players performance

The size of the soccer pitch may have a bearing on the performance or lack of performance of the soccer player. For instance, during the academy football trials 2012, some candidates complained that the size of soccer fields affected their performance. Arsenal football club is another example of how the soccer field can affect the performance of the players. According to some experts, Arsenal football club was a potent force in English football when the team was playing at Highbury. On the other hand, the same team has not been doing so well at the Emirates Stadium in Ashburton Grove. In fact, some Arsenal fans claim that the field at Highbury was relatively small. This made it easy for Arsenal to carry out devastating counter attacks. In comparison, the soccer field at the Emirates Stadium is a bit larger than the one at Highbury and this has affected the fortunes of the team. This may not really be true because soccer pitches are meant to have a recommended size.

Recommended size of soccer fields

The recommended size for soccer pitches is 105 by 68 metres. This is equivalent to 115 by 74 yards. The recommended total area is 7,140 square metres (1.76 acres). The Old Trafford stadium in Manchester has this size. This is not to say that all soccer pitches have this size. Some soccer pitches like the Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) and the Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) have variations of this recommended size.

Different parts of the soccer pitch

The soccer field has different areas and these places are marked to help referees and linesmen do their jobs properly. The centre circle is clearly marked by a white circle and the centre spot is in the middle of the circle. The 18 yard box and the penalty spot are also marked clearly. There are white lines to show the boundaries of the soccer pitch. These boundaries help match officials determine if the ball has gone out for a corner kick, a goal kick or a throw-in.

Special effects for the soccer pitch

Soccer has come a long way and this is why some pitches have special effects. Some soccer stadiums have under soil heating, some have a grass turf while others have artificial turf. A soccer pitch is not just a rectangular playing field. It is a well organised and well designed soccer arena. This is where the celebrity soccer players work so it needs to be in first class shape.